Monday 4 November 2013

Shake Shack, Covent Garden

I'm a fan of the high/low culture combination.  Well, I say that, but you should know that my tongue is really in my cheek (which, happily, doesn't impede typing).  What I like is combining forms of culture that might not be recognised as classic accompaniments but which, in practice, turn out to be delightful.

For example: ballet and burgers.  The Royal Opera House in London has a new neighbour, imported from the USA.  I had visited Shake Shack over the summer to check out their frozen custard (yummo) and agreed with my sister that it would make a perfect pre-ballet place to meet.  Shake Shack is a New York institution now going global - but as far as I'm concerned, if that means bringing their above-average burgers and the frozen fabulousness of their ice creams closer to home, all to the good.  The Covent Garden branch is conveniently located in the central piazza and has some (limited) inside seating, some undercover (but not really inside) seating and some outside seating with heat lamps.

First course:

Hamburger and fries

Second course:

Frozen custard

Third course:

Don Quixote

All round, grade-A, excellent evening.

LTLS modelling a burger

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