Wednesday 11 July 2012

36 Hours in - wait, what?

The New York Times has a regular 36 Hours In ... feature which I was planning to link to because 1. it's given me many helpful hints in the past and 2. as a nod to it, I was about to write a post called '3 Hours in Copenhagen.'

But then when I went to the site, I discovered they had just updated the list of cities to include Helsinki.  Were they there at the same time as us?  They seem to have gone to many of the same places ... I guess those are just the places to go.  They also, helpfully, supplied the name of a cool bar we went to on my birthday, whose name I neglected to record.  It's Liberty or Death - where we drank cocktails out of tin mugs and struck up conversation with Paola the waitress (also an industrial designer).

I swear to you that my post and hints were written before I saw the NYT's guide - but they are eerily similar.  Clearly there are certain kinds of things that Lady Travellers and NYT writers will be drawn to on a visit to Helsinki.

Also: remember when I said that Helsinki was the cool place to go? If the New York Times agrees, it must be so.

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