Sunday 5 December 2010




(Robert Burns)



She said to him:

'Oh Robert, I had such good intentions to post about my New Zealand adventures and, you know, do this whole Advent thing ... but I haven't had internet access for days plus I'm so sleepy from driving all over New Zealand.'

He said to her:

'But did it never occur to you Eithne that undertaking this Advent project while you were running all over New Zealand might be biting off a little more than you could chew?'

She said to him:

'Well, okay, in HINDSIGHT, yes, but I've always been about the triumph of optimism over experience.'

He said to her:

'Hey! This reminds me of a poem. 'The best laid plans o' mice an' men gang oft agley, And leave us naught but grief and pain for promised joy.'

She said to him:

The Consequences were:

Eithne realised she might have to scale back on this Advent project and also that she might not be posting as often as she should because it turns out it's not that easy to manage in the wilds of New Zealand. On the other hand, she has been taking LOTS of photos of her trip and undertakes to post an EPIC road trip story before she leaves the country (Tuesday evening, local time.)


Robbie: Will we no' have a wee shag, for auld lang syne?
Eithne: Robert, my mother reads this blog.

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